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Build your Japanese Brain

Implementing Efficient Japanese Learning Methods

Physical × Online × Audio-&-Video ─ New Circulative Model for Japanese Learning
Integrating Input/Output, Quickly Enhance Your Practical Communication Skills.

      Satisfying Various Learning Needs

      Please choose your learning purposes or needs.
      • I wish to build solid foundations in Japanese
      • I wish to apply Japanese grammar correctly
      • I wish to take the JLPT Test

      Comprehensive Japanese

      Course Features
      • Beginner Level ~N2, suitable for all Japanese Learners.
      • All - Japanese Interactive Multimedia Courses: With the guidance of professional teachers, self- learning no longer requires figuring things out on your own.
      • Step - by - step teaching methods used in Japanese language schools, integrated enhancement of grammar and speaking skills, steadily improve your overall Japanese proficiency
      • Combine gestures with visual aids to help you easily differentiate Japanese parts of speech and overcome challenges in learning tense variations
      • Learn from a Wide Perspective: through exercises for each unit, downloads of class notes, and after - class self- assessment, comprehensively enhance your Japanese proficiency!
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      The 3 Steps of Learning Japanese

      Input/Output integrated training programs

      Build your Japanese Brain With Ease

      1. Input -Acquire knowledge by watching lesson videos
      2. Output -Complete lesson exercises and engage in conversations to produce output from your brain.
      3. Feedback -Internalize feedback through exercise assessments and conversations.

      Video Viewing

      Unrestricted by time and space, you can immerse yourself in an all-Japanese learning environment of a Japanese language school anytime, anywhere!

      • Chinese and Japanese Subtitles
      • Adjust Playback Speed

      Lesson Exercises

      Complete exercises based on your learning progress and ensure the correct usage of Japanese by referring to the provided standard solutions.



      Take exams to assess your learning progress, then digitize the learning data to analyze and overcome weak points in your Japanese learning.

      Online Shared Learning Space

      Through the Online Shared Learning Space exclusive to JPTIP students, you can communicate with native Japanese teachers using the grammar and vocabularies learned in class, allowing you to go beyond short answers in Japanese conversations.
      Here, you can freely ask any Japanese-related questions, enjoy talking in Japanese, and engage in communication with native Japanese speakers anytime without constraints.

      Feel free to ask any Japanese-related questions

      Got any questions about grammar you couldn't ask during lessons ?
      Let our teachers help you in our Online Shared Learning Space.

      Make new Japanese friends

      Interested in making friends with Japanese people after learning Japanese?
      Don't miss valuable opportunities to communicate with Japanese people!

      Enjoy the time of Japanese conversation

      Choose a topic and feel free to speak openly with our teachers.
      Break away from boring textbook content and start speaking Japanese with confidence!

      Go to Online Shared Learning Space

      Course Features

      A professional team composed entirely of Japanese teachers, offering 100% all-Japanese lessons.

      Authentic Japanese courses

      We bring in Japan's course materials and offer a 100% Japanese instructional approach, allowing you to experience the quality of studying Japanese as if you were abroad, all within Taiwan.

      A Professional Teaching Team

      Adopting the training system of Japan's language school and integrating years of teaching experience in Taiwan, our professional teaching team provides 100% all - Japanese instructions.

      Original Systematic Learning Method

      Systematic Instruction, Comprehensive Enhancement in Grammar and Speaking Skills
      Learn tenses with the help of gestures and visual aids
      Simple learning method for the intelligent

      Satisfying Various Learning Needs

      Rapid Learning.JLPT
      Business Japanese.Daily Conversation
      Satisfy various learning purposes and apply immediately

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